Become a native speaking nursery teacher in Germany

Become a native speaking nursery teacher in Germany with Konzept-e and experience German work life at nurseries, kindergartens and elementary schools.

Teach in your native language in Germany – Become a native speaking nursery teacher with Konzept-e

Teaching in Germany without speaking any German? At Konzept-e you can help children develop their foreign language skills while improving your own knowledge of the German language. We are offering a unique opportunity to English, Spanish and Italian native speakers to join our teams in Stuttgart, Munich and Karlsruhe as native speaking nursery teachers.

We are looking for people with a background in education and a passion for high quality childcare who love working with our unique and award-winning educational concept element-i. If you are a native English, Spanish or Italian speaker with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Social Pedagogy, Childcare, Social Work or related subjects, please apply to one of our vacancies listed below.

What is it like to be a native speaker at Konzept-e?

As a native speaker at Konzept-e you are an essential member of our nursery team. You will introduce your language and culture to the children while performing educational and organisational tasks in the nursery. Although no knowledge of German is needed for your work in the beginning, we strongly encourage our native speakers to make use of the offered German classes. This will help you to communicate with your fellow team members and facilitate your relationship with the children’s parents. Additionally, it will also foster your integration at your new workplace and will make living in Germany outside of work a lot easier.

In order to help our new starters make new friends and feel at home quickly, we organise periodical meetups with all our native speakers in every city. There you will share your work experience and learn best practices from other native speakers while making new friends from all over the world.

Working with the element-i concept

Working at one of our nurseries will be a special experience whether you work as a native speaker or not. We believe that humans teach themselves in a way that is unique to the individual, by confronting an environment that they find interesting and by interacting with others. That’s why we offer the children the greatest possible free space for individual interests and decisions while at the same time providing enough support to ensure safety. We know that high quality childcare requires highly qualified teachers. That’s why we are committed to invest in your personal development through cross-nursery conferences and seminars. You can find out more about our element-i concept here.

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"Working as a native speaker for Konzept-E is not only a wonderful opportunity to share my language with the children in our KITA but also my culture!"

Patrick Hartmann, Native Speaker






"English has given me the opportunity to connect with the children at Feuerland at a very profound level.
I remember their somewhat sceptic and curious eyes the first day I started working at Feuerland. Why don’t you speak German they asked me? Some still ask me that question but the most important thing that I have observed is that the children hang on every new English word I teach them like a fresh breeze kindling their curiosity each day.
They take each word they learn very seriously: it’s like a new badge of honour to them.

Margaret Oppong Brenya, Native Speaker Feuerland

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